WGNC Choir

Are you missing congregational singing?  If so, there is an opportunity to take part in the WGNC Virtual Choir.  The instructions on how to do this are below.  Please do join in if you can.
To sing well, it is very important to warm-up.  Here is a short set of exercises to prepare your voice.
If you click on the link, you should be taken to a short audio file which will talk you through what to do.
We are going to sing the hymn Lord for the Years.  You should decide which part suits you best: soprano (higher pitched ladies, singing the tune), alto (lower pitched ladies), bass (all men, no tenor line this time).  The links below are to recordings of the parts being sung.
The words of the hymn are available in the sheet music – see the link below.  For those who read music, this also has the notated parts, but there is no need to use this if you are happier learning the part by singing along to the backing track.
Please note that all ladies sing the tune in verse 2 (while the men stay silent) and all men sing the tune in verse 4 (while the ladies stay silent.)  This is also marked in the music below.  Don’t worry – if you forget I can easily blank you out at that point!
The idea is that you use one device to listen to the recording on earphones or headphones, while recording your own voice singing the same part on another device.  The recording you make should be only of your voice.  The track you listen to is to make it possible to synchronise all the recordings later.  You might like to use one of the simple recording apps for phones, such as Voice Memos or Easy Recorder.  You can also record on a computer or laptop if you have suitable software.  The ideal form of returned file is .wav but .mp3 or any other standard format should also be fine.  Please send the file with the recording to adrian.bowman@icloud.com  by e-mail (or WhatsApp if that is more convenient and you have my mobile number).
Please send your recording in by Thursday 29th May so that the results can be put together for the Sunday service on May 31st.